Atypical Wedding Rings

Atypical Wedding Rings

Atypical Wedding Rings 

The old ways of traditional wedding rings are over. With endless options of shapes, colors, and cuts, more and more people are stepping outside the box when choosing their wedding rings. 

Here are a few unique wedding ring options for the atypical couple :)


Hand forged Sterling Silver band with many Garnets, Emeralds, and Sapphires. This would make for a perfect matching wedding band pair. Inspired by color therapy, this piece is timeless yet fun and a reminder of the color brought to life by your love! 


This style of ring has likeness to a traditional style wedding ring however with four individually set stones and a studded band, this ring is guaranteed to stand out. This ring can be made using sapphire or green garnet and with 14k or 18k gold. Perfect for the bride or groom who want to make a subtle statement! (Ask Britt to make one with diamonds or any stone you’ll want to wear forever if Sapphires are not for you)



This Melty Band Ring is a unique take on a typical band. This classic Solid 14k yellow gold band with a shiny melted looking surface is perfect for those keeping it simple but dont mind a bit of roughness and imperfections. This ring also comes in Sterling Silver & White Gold.



Wear your heart on your hand...but also look fucking sick while doing it. The Electric Love Ring is made for those who want a literal representation of their love. Made of sterling silver and unisex, of course, this ring is perfect for saying “I do.”  (this ring was featured  in GQ Magazine recently for a “New Age Wedding Rings” article)

Our Favorite Gemstones & their Healing Properties

Our Favorite Gemstones & their Healing Properties

The Story Behind Gemstones: Exploring The Meaning and Properties

As you may know, every gemstone carries different metaphysical properties, all of which aim to heal and protect your body, mind, and soul. Knowing and understanding the meanings of each gemstone will guide you to the most beneficial gem for you or a loved one. At Britt Bolton, we incorporate a variety of gemstones in our jewelry including, blue sapphire, green tourmaline, red garnet, peridot, diamond, and smoky quartz/topaz. In this post we will add links to Britt's favorite handmade rings with said gemstones.

Blue sapphire: The blue sapphire is a gem that represents spiritual insight, good judgment, and strength. The stone can bring good fortune in ways such as protection and enhancing self-expression. Blue sapphire specifically connects to the throat chakra, meaning that it will uplift your ability to voice and empower your true self.

Green tourmaline: Green tourmaline’s main purpose is to circulate healing energy throughout the body. One way it does that is by relaxing your nervous system. Some wear green tourmaline to lessen anxiety or to promote healthy sleep patterns. This gem also represents the heart chakra, the part of you that is responsible for balancing emotions, creating a deeper self-awareness, and building strong relationships.

Red garnet: The red garnet symbolizes love, as its purpose is to encourage warmth, loyalty, and honesty in relationships. It can also control anger in oneself, which allows forgiveness and communication. In other words, this crystal relaxes the nervous system which calms your emotions and allows you to view your relationships from a place of peace rather than rage. This gem is connected to the sacral chakra which represents creativity and sexuality.

PeridotPeridot’s purpose is to bring peace and compassion to yourself and to your relationships. Having balance and peace will cause good health and restful sleep which in turn benefits all aspects of your life. This gem aligns to the heart and solar plexus chakras which governs our deeper sense of self and confidence.

Diamond: Diamonds are most commonly associated with love, however, the gem also purifies the body and brain, and enhances stamina and strength. This gemstone connects to the crown chakra, which can uplift and inspire you.

Smoky quartz/topaz:  Smoky quartz, also known as smoky topaz, can provide grounding and protective energy which aligns with the root chakra. It can also bring courage and calmness to light.

 Although each gemstone carries healing properties, it does not immediately fix said problems, rather it encourages inner healing. It is also important to remember that charging and wearing your gems frequently can allow its properties to become more powerful.

Gold or Silver?

Gold or Silver?

When it comes to jewelry, most people have a preference when deciding between gold or silver. However, many are unaware how certain metals can either compliment or wash out your skin tone, so it is important to choose a metal that works best for you. The easiest way to determine what metal best suits your skin tone is by understanding your skin's undertone. Your undertone is the color beneath your skin that produces a hue. There are three skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. In this blog post I will tell you how to determine your undertone and how to choose jewelry that suits your skin the best. 

How to Determine Your Undertone: 

The easiest way to determine your skin’s undertone is done by checking the veins on your wrist. In good lighting, take a look. If your veins appear to be green or yellow, you have a warm undertone. Veins that are blue or purple mean that you have a cool undertone. A mixture of both is a neutral undertone.

What metal works best for your undertone

For those with warm undertones, Gold jewelry will typically work best on your skin. Silver may have a tendency to wash you out if you have a warmer undertone. 

For those with cool undertones, silver jewelry often look best on you. The cool tones in the jewelry are enhanced when worn against your skin.

If you have neutral undertones, it is likely that both gold and silver jewelry work well on your skin tone. However, trying on both metals and seeing which enhances your appearance is advisable. Best case scenario you can wear both at the same time. We love that mixed metal look.

It’s important to remember that you should wear what makes you feel good no matter what. These are all just suggestions, so if your favorite kind of jewelry doesn’t line up with what is supposed to match your undertone, just go for it anyway! There are no rules when it comes to style and personal taste in  jewelry.



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